Iraha Inkichi

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  • Died: 1951
  • Japanese: 伊良波 尹吉 (Iraha Inkichi)

Iraha Inkichi was a prominent Okinawan playwright and actor of the 20th century. He is known for originating now-standard forms or choreography for folk dances such as Hatoma bushi and Kanayo amakawa.

He was originally from the town of Yonabaru on Okinawa Island.

Plays he authored include "Nakanaori Sanra-gwaa" (仲直り三良小), "Okuyama no botan" (奥山の牡丹), and "Yakushidô" (薬師堂).

He is also known for having played the role of King Shô Tai in the 1930 premier production of Yamazato Eikichi's play "Shurijô akewatashi" (The Surrender of Shuri castle). The king's daughter, Masako, is said to have stated that Iraha looked just like the king.

He died in 1951.


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