Ichijo Fusaie

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  • Birth: 1445
  • Death: 1511
  • Title: Kampaku
  • Other names: Ichijô Norifusa
  • Distinction: Tosa warlord
  • Japanese: 一条 房家 (Ichijou Fusaie)

Fusaie, a son of Ichijô Norifusa, was a regent (Kampaku) to the emperor who fled the Ônin fighting in Kyoto to his estates in Tosa province on Shikoku around 1468. With the decline of the Hosokawa, the former power in the region, Fusaie was able to firmly established the Ichijô in the region as daimyô. He founded Nakamura, which he planned to construct in such a way as to recreate Kyoto - without success. He was succeeded by Ichijô Fusafuyu (d.1541).