Hyoto Ryukyukoku ki

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  • Author: Keisei
  • Japanese: 漂到流球国記 (hyôtô Ryûkyû koku ki)

The Hyôtô Ryûkyû koku ki is a record of the experiences of a group of Japanese castaways who, in 1243, set out from Ojika Island and became shipwrecked in a place they record as having been Ryûkyû. The original document is today held by the Imperial Household Agency.

Written by the monk Keisei (1189-1268), an older brother of Kujô Michiie, the text includes description and depiction of a battle between two different groups of Ryukyuans, armed with shields and spears. It also describes the castaways' own ship being attacked by Ryukyuans in red clothing and hats, armed with bow and arrow.


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