Horie Kagetada

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Kagetada succeeded his grandfather Kagezane and was a vassal of the Asakura. He led 1,000 troops in Asakura Norikage's attack on Daishôji in Kaga province in 1555. Kagetada grew in power within the Asakura retainer band and drew the suspicion of Asakura Yoshikage, who in 1567 accused Kagetaka of treasonous behavior. After a military confrontation between the two families, peace was made and Kagetada went off to Noto province in retirement. He returned to active life and to Echizen province in 1574, when that province was in the throes of an ikko-ikki insurrection. When Oda Nobunaga regained control of Echizen (which he had taken from the Asakura in 1573), he accepted the services of the Horie clan and gave Kagetada's son, Horie Toshishige, a fief. Nobunaga reversed his decision in 1576, however, and ordered Kagetada and his son to commit suicide.