Hojo Tsunashige

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  • Birth: 1515
  • Death: 1587
  • Titles: Kazusa no suke
  • Other name: Hôjô Tsunanari
  • Distinction: Hôjô retainer

Tsunashige was the son of Imagawa retainer Fukushima (Kushima) Masashige and was adopted by Hôjô Ujitsuna. He proved his talent in battle with the Uesugi in 1537 and was placed at Kawagoe castle in Musashi province. He defended this important position against the Uesugi and Ashikaga in 1544, who surrounded it with a huge army while Hôjô Ujiyasu was engaged with the Imagawa and Takeda in Suruga province. He held out long enough for Ujiyasu to come to his aid in the beginning of 1545 and sallied out as part of the Hôjô's famous night attack that produced a decisive victory. He went on to fame in numerous engagements and was ably assisted by his son Ujishige (though the latter predeceased his father in 1578). Tsunashige was eventually made the guardian of Tamanawa castle in Sagami province. At the time of the 1568-69 war with the Takeda, he held Fukuzawa castle in Suruga and held off the Takeda's attacks until he was able to extricate himself back to Sagami. Son: Ujishige