Hishikari clan

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  • Japanese: 菱刈家 (Hishikari ke)

The Hishikari clan was a prominent ruling clan in Ôsumi province from the Heian period until the late Sengoku period, when they became vassals of the Shimazu clan.

Originally from Ôsumi, the Hishikari also controlled parts of Higo province for a time. During the Muromachi period, they came into conflict with the Shimazu from time to time, and in particular during the time of Shimazu Takahisa, the Hishikari rose up, alongside the Shibuya clan (with whom the Hishikari had marriage links) and the Sagara clan against the Shimazu. The Hishikari suffered a significant defeat at the battle of Iwatsurugi castle in 1554, and in 1567, Shimazu Yoshihisa actively moved against them. Making a last stand at Ôguchi castle (in what is today Hishikari City, Kagoshima prefecture) alongside aid from the Sagara, the Hishikari fought hard, but were eventually defeated, turning over the castle in 1569.

The Hishikari were Shimazu retainers through the Edo period.