Hayashi Soken

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  • Born: 1828
  • Died: 1853
  • Titles: Daigaku-no-kami
  • Other Names: 林健 (Hayashi Takeshi)
  • Japanese: 壮軒 (Hayashi Souken)

Hayashi Sôken was a late Edo period Confucian scholar, head for a time of the Hayashi family advisors to the Tokugawa shoguns.

Sôken was a son of Hayashi Teiu, born in Edo. In 1846, he became the 10th head of the Hayashi family and inherited the title of Daigaku-no-kami.

In 1853, he was one of a team of scholars and officials assigned by the shogunate to translate official diplomatic documents presented to the shogunate by Commodore Perry.[1]

Hayashi died later that year.


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