Hayashi Hidesada

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  • Death: 1580
  • Other name: Hayashi Michikatsu
  • Title: Sado no kami
  • Distinction: Oda retainer
  • Japanese: 秀貞 (Hayashi Hidesada)

Hidesada was a son of Hayashi Hachirôzaemon and acted as a childhood tutor to Oda Nobunaga. He plotted with Shibata Katsuie and Oda Nobuyuki against Nobunaga in 1557 but was pardoned for his actions and went on to govern land in his native Owari province. Hidesada was active in government following Nobunaga's arrival in Kyoto in 1568 and tended to various administrative and diplomatic tasks. After 1577 he was ordered to attend to Oda Nobutada, Nobunaga's heir, and accompanied him on both military and domestic assignments. Hidesada was abruptly purged from the Oda ranks in 1580 on charges of treasonous behavior. He died soon afterwards. Hidesada's younger brother, Hayashi Mimasaka no kami, was killed in the abortive attempt to overthrow Nobunaga in 1557.