Harada Naomasa

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  • Died: 1576
  • Other name: Ban Naomasa
  • Titles: Kurôzaemon, Bitchû no Kami

Naomasa was appointed as one of the four administrators of Kyoto (along with along with Matsui Yukon, Murai Sadakatsu, and Takei Sekian) by Oda Nobunaga after 1568. He was named as one of Nobunaga's Go-umamawari-shû (bodyguards) and placed in command of matchlockmen at Nagashino (1575). That same year he helped put down residual ikko resistance in Ise Province. In 1576 he joined Akechi Mitsuhide and Hosokawa Tadaoki in a campaign against the Ishiyama Honganji complex. En route, he was ambushewd by Honganji forces and killed. His original surname was Ban - and he received the name Harada from Nobunaga in 1575.