Hamano Noboru

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  • Born: 1854
  • Japanese: 浜野昇 (Hamano Noboru)

Hamano Noboru was a physician and politician of the early Meiji period who played a prominent role in the establishment of several hospitals, and in the passage of medical-related legislation.

Born in Edo in 1854, Hamano graduated from the Tokyo Medical School, and served as a field medic in the Seinan War. In 1881, he founded the Saiseidô Hospital in Sakura City, Chiba prefecture,[1] which served an important role in supplementing the nearby Juntendô Hospital. In 1883, Hamano became head of both the Kagoshima Prefectural Medical School and its attached hospital.

As a member of the House of Representatives in the first Imperial Diet, he worked to pass legislation for preventing the spread of tuberculosis, and along with Kitasato Shibasaburô formed the Japan Medical Association and Anti-Tuberculosis Association, organizations which both continue to operate today.

Hamano later served as the head of the Chiba Prefectural Medical Association for over 20 years, as well as serving in the Chiba prefectural legislature and a number of other associations.


  • Plaque at former site of Saiseidô Hospital, Sakura, Chiba.[1]
  1. The former site of the hospital is today the Sakura Citizens' Gymnasium (Sakura shimin taiikukan).