George Lord Macartney

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  • Chinese: 馬戛爾 (Mǎ jiá ěr)

George Lord Macartney was a British diplomat famous for his 1793 audience with the Qianlong Emperor.

Prior to his mission to China, Macartney served as ambassador to the court of Catherine the Great, and as governor of the colonies of Grenada (in the Caribbean), Madras (in India), and Capetown (in South Africa). Many of those who joined him in China had worked with him, or under him, previously. The mission to China, which departed Britain in 1792 and returned in 1794, also stopped in Quang Nam (aka Cochin China, or Dang Trong; southern Vietnam under the Nguyen lords).[1]


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Further Reading

  • Lord Macartney's diary has been republished as:
J.L. Cranmer-Byng (ed.), An Embassy to China: Being the journal kept by Lord Macartney during his embassy to the Emperor Ch’ien-lung 1793-1794, Hamden, CT: Archon Books, 1963.
  • Sir George Staunton, a member of the Macartney Mission, also published an account:
Sir George Staunton, An authentic account of an embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China, London: G. Nicol, 1797.