George Ladd

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  • Birth: January 19th, 1842
  • Death: August 8th, 1921
  • Full name: George Trumbull Ladd

Prof. G. T. Ladd was born January 19, 1842. His first tour to Japan was in 1892. He was several times appointed a lecturer in the Doshi-sha University, Kyoto, and conducted the graduate seminary in the summer school of the university. In 1899 he was invited by the Dai-Nippon Educational Society of Japan, and again visited that country. He delivered a series of lectures in the Tokyo Imperial University. He was elected an honorary member of this great educational society of Japan, granted an audience with the Emperor, who conferred on him the decoration of the Order of the Rising Sun, third degree.

A great number of the philosophical works of this distinguished psychologist have been translated into Japanese, and they were well read by the progressive Japanese of the time.

Professor Ladd was perhaps most widely known of the foreign instructors in the universities and colleges of Japan during the Meiji Period. Many Japanese who occupied the highest chairs in philosophy, psychology, ethics or theology in the universities of Japan, had, either in the United States or in Japan, received his instruction. During his time as a professor at Yale, his home was a well known meeting place, among students and scholars.