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  • Japanese: 迎恩亭 (Geiontei)

The Geiontei (lit. "pavilion of welcome and gratitude") was a building located in Naha Harbor on the island of Okinawa, and used to receive and house Chinese investiture envoys visiting the Ryûkyû Kingdom. The king himself[1] also traveled to Naha to formally receive and welcome the envoys at the Geiontei.[2]

After staying at the Geiontei for a time, the envoys would then move to the Tenshikan ("Hall of Heavenly Envoys") elsewhere in Naha.

It is unclear when the Geiontei was built, but it is known to have existed in the early 16th century. Henkaku plaques were displayed at the hall each time Chinese envoys visited.


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  1. Or, that is, the heir. In the eyes of the Chinese envoys, the king was still regarded as the heir, or as the Crown Prince, until after the investiture ceremony.
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