Gamo Ujisato

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  • Born: 1557
  • Died: 1596
  • Title: Hida no Kami
  • Japanese: 蒲生 氏郷 (Gamou Ujisato)

Ujisato was the son of Gamô Katahide and fought in his first battle (Okochi) at the age of 13. He married one of Oda Nobunaga's daughters and was given a sizable fief in Ise. He later sheltered Nobunaga's widow during Akechi's uprising and joined Hideyoshi's camp following Yamazaki (1582). He served in the Kyushu Campaign (1587) and the Odawara Campaign (1590), after which he was given a huge fief in Mutsu (Aizu). Ujisato served on Hideyoshi's staff in Kyushu during the First Korean Campaign, which he returned to Aizu and built Wakamatsu castle. He died suddenly in 1596 - leading some to suspect that Hideyoshi himself had had a hand in his demise.