Fujiwara no Yukinari

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  • Born: 972
  • Died: 1027
  • Other Names: Kôzei

Fujiwara no Yukinari, also known as Kôzei, was a court aristocrat of the mid-Heian period, known in particular for his calligraphy. Yukinari has been credited with consolidating the wayô ("Japanese mode") style of calligraphy. After mastering several forms of calligraphy, including that of the 4th century Chinese master Wang Xizhi, Yukinari developed his own style of writing Chinese characters (kanji) in a softer, gentler, manner, which is said to harmonize better with the curved forms of Japanese kana; Yukinari's distinctive style then came to be profoundly influential, contributing to the formation of what is today seen as a standard or central element of standard styles of Japanese calligraphy.


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