Confucian classics

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  • Japanese/Chinese: 四書五経 (shisho gokyou / sìshū wŭjīng)

The Confucian classics include the Four Books and the Five Classics.

The Four Books, as set down by Zhu Xi, are the Analects of Confucius (J: Rongo, C: Lún Yǔ), the Great Learning (C: Dà xué), the Doctrine of the Mean (C: Zhōng yōng), and the writings of Mencius (C: Mèngzǐ).

The Five Classics are the I Ching ("Book of Changes"), Book of Odes (Shījīng), Book of Rites (Lǐjì), Classic of History (Shūjīng), and the Spring and Autumn Annals (Chūnqiū).


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