Emperor Ruizong of Tang

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Emperor Ruizong was a son of Emperor Gaozong of Tang and Empress Wu. He ruled as emperor of the Tang Dynasty from 684 to 690, and again from 710 until 712.

In his first reign, he succeeded his brother Emperor Zhongzong of Tang, who ruled only very briefly following their father's death in 683. Ruizong's reign was dominated by Empress Wu, who served as regent and ruled with Ruizong as a puppet.

Empress Wu forced Ruizong's abdication in 690 and ruled until 705, after which Zhongzong regained the throne until his assassination in 710. Emperor Shang of Tang, a son of Zhongzong, ruled very briefly, before Ruizong reclaimed the throne later that same year, holding it until 712, when he stepped down in favor of Emperor Xuanzong.

Preceded by
Emperor Zhongzong of Tang
Emperor of Tang
Succeeded by
Empress Wu
Preceded by
Emperor Shang of Tang
Emperor of Tang
Succeeded by
Emperor Xuanzong of Tang


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