Emperor Koko

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  • Reign: 884-887
  • Japanese: 光孝天皇 (Koukou tennou)

Emperor Kôkô was a briefly reigning emperor of the early Heian period.

The son of one of Emperor Yôzei's great-grandfathers, Kôkô was placed on the throne in 884, upon Yôzei's abdication. Fujiwara no Mototsune, who served as sesshô (regent during an emperor's minority) for Yôzei, continued to serve as regent under Kôkô, and became the first to be officially named kampaku (regent for an adult emperor).

Kôkô was succeeded by his son, who took the throne as Emperor Uda in 887.

Preceded by
Emperor Yôzei
Emperor of Japan
Succeeded by
Emperor Uda


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