Emperor Keitai

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Emperor Keitai was the 26th Emperor of Japan according to the traditional (Meiji period) order of succession.

He was originally from the Echizen region, and became ôkimi (king/emperor) when the Yamato line ran out of heirs at the beginning of the 6th century. Evidence has been found of his journey to Yamato from Echizen, through a number of other provinces; he is said to have had a number of consorts over the course of his journey, and to have gathered those consorts together in Yamato, after he became ôkimi. Those consorts included Abe no Hae-hime, daughter of Kawachi Wani no Omi; Keitai and Hae-hime had a son, Azu no Miko.

Yamato Takeru is said to have been his son.[1]


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