Emperor Ingyo

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  • Reign: 411-453
  • Japanese: 允恭天皇 (Ingyou tennou)

Emperor Ingyô is an early emperor described in the Kojiki; he is considered the 19th Emperor of Japan by the "traditional" counting. Though generally considered a historical emperor, it is likely that most records about him are heavily fictionalized.

Ingyô is believed to have been the son of Emperor Nintoku, brother to Emperor Hanzei (who Ingyô succeeded), and half-brother to Emperor Richû, who ruled immediately prior to Hanzei.

According to the Kojiki, it was during the reign of Emperor Ingyô that the clan names were selected, and titles corrected.

Preceded by
Emperor Hanzei
Emperor of Japan
Succeeded by
Emperor Ankô


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