Chosokabe Chikatada

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  • Birth: 1572
  • Death: 1600
  • Other names: Magojirô, Tsuno Chikatada
  • Japanese:長宗我部 親忠 (Chosokabe Chikatada) or 津野親忠 (Tsuno Chikatada)

Chikatada was the third son of Chôsokabe Motochika. He was adopted by Tsuno Katsuoki and was later sent as a hostage to Toyotomi Hideyoshi following the latter's conquest of Shikoku in 1585. He was passed over as heir to the Chôsokabe following the death of his elder brother Nobuchika in 1586 and his lingering displeasure, combined with slanderous attacks by Hisatake Chikanao (who favored Morichika as heir), compelled Motochika to have him confined to a temple in 1599. Following the Battle of Sekigahara (1600), Chikatada was accused of colluding with the Tokugawa and was murdered on Chosokabe Morichika's orders. Tokugawa Ieyasu harshly judged Morichika for this and used it as a basis to deprive him of his domain.