Cho Tsuratatsu

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  • Born: 1546
  • Died: 1619/2/3
  • Other name: Kurozaemon
  • Japanese: 連竜 (Chou Tsuratatsu)

Tsuratatsu was the second son of Chô Tsugutsura. He was at first a monk, but returned to secular life in 1577 when his father Tsugutsura and older brother Tsunatsura, vassals of the Hatakeyama clan, were besieged at Nanao castle. While Uesugi Kenshin besieged the castle, Tsuratatsu sought aid from Oda Nobunaga. Later joining Nobunaga, he was granted territory and was reestablished in Noto province.

He assisted Shibata Katsuie with suppressing Kaga monto in 1580, and defeated Asai Kagetaka at Nanao, for which Nobunaga granted him land in Kajima in Noto. He was also subsequently granted land confiscated from the Isurugi Shrine in Echizen. The following year he became a yoriki for Maeda Toshiie, and after the Honnôji Incident, he became a vassal.


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