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  • Japanese: 坊津 (bou no tsu)

Bônotsu is a port town in southern Satsuma province. During the Muromachi period, it had been a particularly active port in the trade with China and with Ryûkyû, especially after conflicts between Hakata and Sakai merchants led to Ryukyuan ships making port only at Hakata and Bônotsu (and not Sakai) for a time.[1] The port declined, however, with the rise of Nagasaki in the Edo period.

A community of Chinese merchants remained active at Bônotsu through the end of the 17th century, encouraged or at least condoned by the lords of Satsuma han, who allowed continued Chinese merchant activity all across the Satsuma coast until the early 18th century or so, despite the shogunate's maritime restrictions policies.[2]


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