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  • Born: 704
  • Died: 760
  • Other Names: 婆羅門僧正 (Baramon soujou)
  • Japanese: 菩提僊那 (Bodaisenna)

Bodhisena was an Indian Buddhist monk, the only Indian to have traveled to Japan in the pre-modern period for whom there are reliable records. He arrived in Japan in 736, and in 752 served as chief officiant at the eye-opening ceremony of the Great Buddha at Tôdai-ji.

Bodhisena is also known as Baramon Sôjô, or "the Brahmin monk," though it is unclear whether he was actually of the Brahmin caste. After arriving in Japan, he was named sôjô, the highest monastic rank available, and began teaching Sanskrit and Kegon Buddhist doctrine.


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