Battle of Nagaragawa

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In 1542 Saito Dosan overthrew the Toki and took control of Mino province. His wife was of the Toki family, and her son, Yoshitatsu, was adopted by Dosan. Dosan then decided to disinherit Yoshitatsu in favor of another son, Nagatatsu, provoking a civil war. Yoshitatsu murdered his two younger step-brothers in 1555 and declared war on Dosan. In May 1556 Yoshitatsu led an army to the Nagaragawa river, prompting Dosan to take up a position on the opposite side of the river. Yoshitatsu's vanguard opened the attack by crossing the river and cutting deeply into Dosan's ranks. They nearly reached Dosan's headquarters before being savaged by a counterattack. Yoshitatsu then led the bulk of his forces across the river and in the course of the fighting Dosan was killed. Yoshitatsu thereafter assumed control of Mino.