Asano Yoshiteru

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  • Died: 1858/9/10
  • Japanese: 浅野 慶熾 (Asano Yoshiteru)

Asano Yoshiteru was lord of Hiroshima han from 1858/4/12 until his death on 9/10 that same year. He became lord of Hiroshima following the retirement of his father Asano Naritaka, and was succeeded by Asano Nagamichi, lord of a Hiroshima branch domain, who was then adopted into the main line to become the new daimyô.

While still heir, in 1851, Yoshiteru was betrothed to Toshi-hime (daughter of Tokugawa Naritaka; aunt of Tokugawa Yoshikumi, lord of Nagoya han).

Preceded by
Asano Naritaka
Lord of Hiroshima han
Succeeded by
Asano Nagamichi


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