Asakura Norikage

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  • Birth: 1477
  • Death: 1555
  • Distinction: Asakura retainer
  • Other Names: 朝倉宗滴 (Asakura Souteki) 朝倉小太郎 (Asakura Kotarô
  • Title: Tarôzaemon no jô
  • Son: Kagetoshi (Adopted)
  • Japanese: 朝倉教景 (Asakura Norikage)

Norikage was the eighth son of Asakura Toshikage and became a pillar of the Asakura house. On the event (1503) of his nephew Sadakage's rise to the position of daimyô, a faction of Asakura retainers formed a plot against him. Norikage was approached by a certain Asakura Kagefusa to join the planned rebellion and the former evidently gave his consent. However, Norikage revealed the plot to Sadakage at the last minute and the rebel headquarters at Tsuruga castle was attacked. Kagefusa had enlisted the aid of the Hosokawa, but that family's forces were checked near Lake Biwa en route to Echizen. Kagefusa afterwards fled Echizen and died of illness. Later, he defeated an Ikkô army at Kuzuryugawa in 1506, one of a number of battles he would fight against the Ikkô. He commanded an expedition into Tango province in 1517 and in 1526 led an army out in support of the Asai against the Rokkaku, cementing the alliance between the Asai and Asakura. He marched against the Ikkô of Kaga in 1531 and fought them again in 1555. Following the storming of Daishojiomote on that campaign, he fell ill and returned to Ichijonodani, leaving the army in the hands of Asakura Kagetaka. He died on 9/23/1555. He was almost certainly the most talented general the Asakura clan produced and his writings on various military matters have provided a valuable historical record. Numerous sayings attributed to Norikage survive, including "The warrior may be called a beast or a dog; the main thing is winning." He had adopted the name Soteki after entering the priesthood. He hewed to his religious beliefs and produced no children of his own. Thus, he adopted his nephew, Kagetoshi.

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