Asakura Kagetake

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Kagetake commanded the Asakura army for Asakura Yoshikage at the Battle of Anegawa (1570), which was lost to the Oda and Tokugawa. A few months later he joined Asai Nagamasa in defeating an Oda force near Sakamoto (1570) and pressed for an immediate move on the capital, which Nagamasa vetoed. He participated in a number of the confrontations between the Asai/Asakura forces and the Oda around Odani castle in Ômi Province between 1571-1572. He surrendered to Oda Nobunaga in 1573 and was given a fief in Echizen. When the ikko of the province rebelled, he surrendered to them. As a result, the following year Nobunaga sent out an army to destroy him.