Asahina Nobuoki

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  • Birth: 1528
  • Death: 1582
  • Distinction: Imagawa, then Takeda retainer
  • Other names: Asahina Ujihide, Asahina Tôsaburô
  • Title: Suruga no kami

Nobuoki was a son of Asahina Tanba no kami Motonaga. He was at first a retainer of the Imagawa family of Suruga province and came to hold Mochifune castle. He joined Takeda Shingen after the fall of Imagawa in 1569 and was confirmed in his lands in Suruga. He fought in the Battle of Nagashino (1575) and later against the Tokugawa in 1582. Once the Takeda had fallen, he was ordered to commit suicide by Oda Nobunaga.