Aragaki house

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The main climbing kiln at the Aragaki house
  • Japanese: 新垣家住宅 (aragaki ke juutaku)

The Aragaki house, and its associated agari nu gama (東ヌ窯) kilns, were a Ryukyuan pottery production site in the Tsuboya neighborhood of Naha, on Okinawa Island. The house and kilns are today nationally-designated Important Cultural Properties.

The site was in operation until 1974, and consists of a house covering roughly 400 tsubo and roofed in red terracotta roof tiles, red-tile-roofed pottery kilns of the nobori gama (climbing kiln) type, and pig pens (O: fuuru). Sections of the stone walls of the compound also survive. The main house is believed to date to the mid-to-late 19th century. The climbing kiln is 23 meters long, and 4 meters wide.


  • Plaques at Sai On Square, Makishi, Naha.[1]