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Anne Walthall is a professor of Japanese history at the University of California, Irvine. Themes she has focused on in her research include peasant revolts, particularly in the Edo period, and women's history, with a particular focus on court & palace women, and women in the Meiji Restoration & Meiji period.

She earned her PhD from the University of Chicago.


  • Japan: A Cultural, Social, and Political History (2006)
  • (with Patricia Ebrey and James Palais) East Asia: A Cultural, Social, and Political History (2006)
  • (as ed.) The Human Tradition in Modern Japan (2002)
  • (with Hitomi Tonomura and Wakita Haruko, as eds.) Women and Class in Japanese History (1999)
  • The Weak Body of a Useless Woman: Matsuo Taseko and the Meiji Restoration (1998)
  • Peasant Uprisings in Japan: A Critical Anthology of Peasant Histories (1991)
  • Social Protest and Popular Culture in Eighteenth Century Japan (1986)