Aharen Honyu

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  • Born: 1935
  • Japanese: 阿波連 本勇 (Aharen Hon'yuu)

Aharen Hon'yû is an Okinawan musician and researcher, the last bearer of the tradition of rujigaku, the formal processional music of the Ryukyuan royal court.

Born in Okinawa in 1935 and a long-time resident of Shuri, Aharen is known as a scholar of Ryukyuan dance. His father was named Aharen Honkei (阿波連本啓). In 1963-1966, he received lessons in rujigaku from Chinen Kenshô (1903-1979), the son of Chinen Saburô, one of the last music masters of the royal court to survive. Learning the full core repertoire of rujigaku from ichidan to godan (Pieces One through Five), he became upon Chinen Kenshô's death the sole surviving bearer of this musical tradition.


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