Ahagon Jikki

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  • Other Names: 京阿波根 (Kyô Ahagon)
  • Japanese: 阿波根実基 (Ahagon Jikki)

Ahahon Jikki, also known as Kyô Ahagon on account of his association with Kyoto, was a 16th century Ryukyuan official.

He was dispatched to Kyoto at some point in the 1520s-1560s to have the royal sword Jiganemaru, a tribute/gift to the kingdom from Miyakojima, polished. After he returned to Ryûkyû, he became aware that the swords had been switched, and so he returned to Kyoto to find and retrieve the king's sword. He successfully returned the royal sword to Ryûkyû some three years later. Praised for his dedication and loyalty, he was buried in a special tomb just outside of Shuri castle.


  • Plaques on-site at Aijô-ufumichi.[1]