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Ôei 10 (応永十年)

Timeline of 1403

Other Events of 1403

  • Ashikaga Yoshimitsu sends a mission to China, headed by the Zen priest Kenchû Keimi, who is accompanied by a Ming envoy who arrived in Japan the previous year. Kenchû presents documents to the Yongle Emperor congratulating him on his enthronement and indicating continued future tribute payments. This document marks the first time that the phrases "your subject" and "King of Japan" have been used in Japanese documents sent to a foreign leader. The Yongle Emperor receives the Japanese delegation warmly, and sends a response shortly afterwards,carried by a mission led by Zhao Juren, who also conveys to the Ashikaga a large gold seal, with a turtle-shaped knob, bearing the inscription "Seal of the King of Japan." Tallies (J: kangô) are sent as well.
  • Chûzan sends a mission to Japan, beginning formal relations between the kingdom and the Ashikaga Shogunate.
  • Ououso becomes King of Nanzan.
  • Taejong becomes the first king of Joseon to receive investiture from the Ming Dynasty.

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