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North: Kôryaku 2 (康暦二年) ; South: Tenju 6 (天授六年)

Timeline of 1380

  • 1380/10 A tribute mission from Nanzan, led by Shijaku (師惹), arrives in China, marking the beginning of tributary relations between Nanzan and the Ming Dynasty.

Other Events of 1380

  • Ashikaga Yoshimitsu (at age 22) achieves the highest court rank, jû-ichi-i.
  • Yoshimitsu sends envoys to China, hoping to establish formal relations with the Ming Dynasty, but is rebuffed.
  • The Hongwu Emperor dramatically reorganizes the bureaucracy, hobbling its powers. He eliminates the office of Grand Councilor, replaces the Secretariat with six ministries, and the Central Military Commission with five regional military commissions.
  • Battle of Sakariyama: Ôuchi Yoshihiro is victorious over his brother.
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