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Owari han was an Edo period domain ruled by the Owari Tokugawa clan, one of the three Gosanke branches of the main Tokugawa clan lineage of the first Tokugawa shoguns. Based at Nagoya castle, the domain boasted a kokudaka of 619,500 koku.[1]

The domain maintained two mansions in Edo: one at Kôjimachi (the neighborhood is now known as Kioi-chô), and one at Ichigaya. The grounds of the latter is today home to the Ministry of Defense.

Many of the treasures previously owned by the Tokugawa lords of Owari are today held in the Tokugawa Art Museum in Nagoya.

Lords of Owari han

  1. Tokugawa Yoshinao (1600-1650; 7th son of Tokugawa Ieyasu)
  2. Tokugawa Mitsutomo (son of Yoshinao)
  3. Tokugawa Tsunanari
  4. Tokugawa Yoshimichi
  5. Tokugawa Gorôta
  6. Tokugawa Tsugutomo
  7. Tokugawa Muneharu
  8. Tokugawa Munekatsu
  9. Tokugawa Munechika
  10. Tokugawa Naritomo (d. 1850)
  11. Tokugawa Nariharu
  12. Tokugawa Naritaka
  13. Tokugawa Yoshitsugu
  14. Tokugawa Yoshikumi
  15. Tokugawa Mochinaga
  16. Tokugawa Yoshinori (1858-1875)
  17. Tokugawa Yoshikatsu (last lord of Owari han)

Notable Retainers of Owari han


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