Mibu Roshigumi

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Japanese:壬生浪士組(Mibu Roshigumi) or 精忠浪士組(Seichu Roshigumi)

In 1863, 22 Ronin remained Kyoto when Roshigumi returned to Edo. The Ronin formed the Mibu Roshigumi and it became Shinsengumi later. Mibu was the name of village where they stayed.

First Members

Shieikan group

Mito group

Tonouchi,Iesato group

Joined after 3/22


  • Kokorozashi Tairyaku Ai Shitatamegaki (志大略相認書) Kondo Isami 1863 (Kojima Museum)
  • Kondo's letter to Hagiwara Takajiro and other 17 people in Tama. 1863 (Kojima Museum)
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