Matsudaira Mochiaki

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  • Titles: Hyûga no kami, Echizen no kami
  • Other Names: 松平直廉 (Matsudaira Naokiyo)
  • Japanese: 松平 茂昭 (Matsudaira Mochiaki)

Matsudaira Mochiaki was a Bakumatsu era lord of Fukui han.

Previously Matsudaira Naokiyo, lord of Itoigawa han, he was named lord of Fukui when the Tokugawa shogunate forced lord of Fukui Matsudaira Yoshinaga into retirement in 1858 during the Ansei Purge. Naokiyo was then granted the use of a character from the name of shogunal heir Tokugawa Iemochi and changed his name to Mochiaki.


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