Kondo Yoshisuke

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  • Birth: 1843/5
  • Death: 1922/7/5
  • Japanese: 近藤 労助 (Kondou Yoshisuke)

Kondô Yoshisuke was from Tomomura in Ômi province. He joined the Shinsengumi in Edo, 1864. After the Battle of Aizu, he tried to go to Ezo by himself, but he was captured in Sendai. He became Yokohama city assembly member in Meiji. In 1906, he published "Shinsengumi Ôji Jissen Dansho". (新選組往時実戦談書)


  • Shinsengumi - Honor and Determination of the Mibu Rôshi (血誠新撰組-峻烈壬生浪士忠と斬), Rekishi Gunzô series #31, Gakken, Japan, 2003