Kaei 7 (嘉永七年) / Ansei 1 (安政元年)

Timeline of 1854

  • Kaei 6/12/22-26 (Jan 20-24) Perry's fourth visit to Ryûkyû. Commodore Perry enters Shuri castle for the second time, as a mere show of authority, but is not granted an audience with any royals.
  • 1854/1/4-5 (Feb 1-2) Perry departs Ryûkyû for Edo.
  • 1854/1/11-24 (Feb 8-21) A Russian fleet under Yevfimy Vasilyevich Putyatin makes port in Naha.
  • 1854/1/14 (Feb 11) Perry's fleet arrives at Edo Bay.
  • 1854/2/29 (March 27) Crimean War: Britain and France declare war on Russia.
  • 1854/3/3 (March 31) The Convention of Kanagawa is concluded.
  • 1854/3/23 Putyatin's fleet arrives once again at Nagasaki.
  • 1854/4/5 The USS Saratoga makes port in Honolulu on its way back to the US from Japan.
  • 1854/5/17 (June 12) Board Incident - American sailor William Board assaults a woman in Naha (or is simply violently drunk more generally) and is killed by a mob of locals (or drowns on his own).
  • 1854/6/2 (June 26) Perry and his fleet depart Shimoda for the final time.
  • 1854/6/7 (July 1) Perry arrives in Ryûkyû for the fifth time.
  • 1854/6/13 There is a fire in the castle-town of Fukui. The fire spreads to more than a thousand homes.
  • 1854/6/17 (July 11) The Treaty of Amity between the Ryûkyû Kingdom and the United States is signed by Commodore Perry and the Ryukyuan officials Shô Kôkun and Ba Ryôsai.
  • 1854/6/23 (July 17) Perry and his fleet depart Ryûkyû for Hong Kong, taking Bernard Bettelheim with them.
  • 1854/int.7/15 (Sept 7) Rear Admiral Sir James Stirling comes to Nagasaki with four ships, seeking to attack Putyatin.
  • 1854/8/23 (Oct 14) The Anglo-Japanese Convention of 1854 is signed.
  • 1854/9/2 Shogunate officials meet with VOC factor Jan Hendrik Donker Curtius in Nagasaki and discuss the opening of Shimoda and Hakodate to Dutch ships while continuing to restrict trade to the port of Nagasaki alone.
  • 1854/9/18 (Nov 8) Putyatin's fleet, led by the Diana, returns to Japan, making port first at Hakodate, then Osaka, before being told to go to Shimoda instead.
  • 1854/11/4 (Dec 23) Ansei-Tôkai Earthquake: An earthquake and tsunami strike Shimoda and surrounding areas.
  • 1854/11/9 Ansei-Nankai Earthquake: An earthquake and tsunami hit the Nankaidô region.

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