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Kôka 5 (弘化五年) / Kaei 1 (嘉永元年)

Timeline of 1848

Other Events of 1848

  • Aizawa Seishisai's Shinron is first published, though not by the author.
  • Kondô Isami begins studying the Tennen Rishin-ryû sword style.
  • Sakamoto Ryôma begins studying swordsmanship for the first time.
  • The practice of "subscription Noh" comes to an end.
  • The USS Preble arrives in Naha, as part of an effort to open Japan for American commerce. They are ultimately unsuccessful; the ship's captain, a Commander Glynn, is petitioned to take missionary Bernard Bettelheim away with him, but he refuses on the grounds that Bettelheim was a British subject.
  • The United States wins the Mexican-American War, and in the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, annexes a large swath of territory, including California.

Births and Deaths

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