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Kansei 6 (寛政六年)

Timeline of 1794

Other Events of 1794

  • A Dutch embassy enjoys an audience with the Qianlong Emperor.
  • The courtesan Hanaôgi attempts to escape the Yoshiwara and elope with a man, but is caught and returned to her teahouse.
  • The office of the Nagasaki bugyô tests firearms as part of its routine efforts to maintain and improve harbor defense. Twenty-four out of 35 weapons tested malfunction.
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands is conquered by France and becomes a client-state known as the Batavian Republic.
  • The shogunate bans the use of mica and certain other lavish materials in popular artworks.
  • The shogunate bans kabuki actors from having annual salaries above 500 ryô.

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