Yamaguchi Naoki

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  • Birth: 1830
  • Death: 1895
  • Other Names: 山口泉処 (Yamaguchi Sensho)
  • Titles: Tsukaiban, Metsuke, Gaikoku Bugyô, Edo Machi Bugyô
  • Japanese: 山口 直毅 (Yamaguchi Naoki)

Yamaguchi Naoki was initially a Confucian scholar who was appointed as a Tsukaiban in 1860, and promoted to Metsuke by the end of the same year. In 1863, he accompanied Tokugawa Iemochi on his historic trip to Kyoto (along with the Shinsengumi). During the same year, he was appointed administrator of Kanagawa.

After a cannon attack on an American ship in Chôshû, he investigated the incident along with Matsumae Takahiro.

In 1890, Yamaguchi was interviewed by the Kyuji Shimonkai about his life during the Bakumatsu Period. The interview was published in the Kyuji Shimonroku.


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