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The Date clan lords of Uwajima han maintained a kami yashiki (upper mansion) in the Azabu area of Edo; its former location is today the site of the National Art Center, Tokyo (Kokuritsu shinbijutsukan) and the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (Seisaku kenkyû daigaku daigakuin). It neighbored the mansion of the Nabeshima clan lords of Kashima han (Hizen province).

The mansion is depicted in an 1851 handscroll painting by Uwajima domain retainer Uetsuki Gyôkei now held at the Kagoshima University Library and entitled Ryûkyûjin ôrai suji nigiwai no zu (琉球人往来筋賑図).

Meiji Period

In the Meiji period, the Date family, now members of the kazoku aristocracy, built a new mansion at Shirokane 2-chôme, in Tokyo's Minato-ku. The Taishô period main gate to that mansion was later relocated to Koganei Park around 1965, and remains there today, within what is today the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum.[1]


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