Ukita Yoshiie

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Yoshiie served the Urakami family. In 1502 Urakami Norimune died of illness and Matsuda Motokatsu attempted to take advantage of his passing through attacks on the Urakami domain. That winter Yoshiie was part of an Urakami army that crossed the Yoshii River and inflicted a reverse on the Matsuda, returning again the following year. The Urakami and Ukita entered Bizen province's Uemichi district while the Matsuda advanced to the Ono district and established themselves at Kasaiyama. The two sides confronted one another across a dry river bed (Asahi River). Urakami Muramune began the fighting by sending his troops across the river bed, compelling Matsuda to commit the bulk of his forces from Kasaiyama. Seeing that the Urakami were now outnumbered, Yoshiie led his 300 mounted troops out in support and a general melee ensued. The result was a victory for the Urakami and Ukita, with the Matsuda retreating from the field. He continued to clash with the Matsuda until he retired in 1524 in favor of his son Okiie.