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A few things are unconfirmed for Yakushi Enichi--I'm going with the Nihon Shoki until I get better information. I am using the transliteration 'Yakushi Enichi' because it fits with common transliterations for that name as I've found it online. Furthermore, Aston can't seem to make up his mind on the issue. However, there are several passages from Wang Zhenping's source that I have to doubt.

First off, Yakushi does appear to have been a deputy to Inugami Mitasuki, but on the 630 mission. This is at odds with Wang's assertion that he studied medicine and returned to Japan in 623. This seems to fit more appropriately Takamuko Kuromaro (or Genri--see his talk page), at least according to the Nihon Shoki. My guess is that Prof. Wang got his notes mixed up when he was writing, or perhaps some sentences got swapped in editing--considering his information is only given in a few short sentences, it does not appear to hold the greatest of import in his work.

If there are other thoughts, please chime in! JLBadgley 18:15, 2 September 2008 (PDT)