Takiyama castle

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View of Tama and Akigawa Rivers from the former site of the honmaru of Takiyama Castle.

Takiyama castle was a castle located in Musashi province, in what is today the Hachiôji neighborhood of Tokyo. It was built by Ôishi Sadahisa, who moved there from nearby Takatsuki castle in 1521. The castle was attacked by the Hôjô clan in 1536, and the Ôishi later submitted to the authority of the Hôjô, with Sadahisa adopting Hôjô Ujiteru as his heir.

Ujiteru expanded the castle, and it survived attacks on a number of occasions, including once by Takeda Shingen in 1569.


Layout diagram of the central section of Takiyama Castle; from an official sign on site.
Layout of Takiyama Castle, from pamphlet put out by Tokyo Park Commission.


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