Takigawa Toshikatsu

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  • Born: 1543
  • Died: 1610
  • Sons: Takigawa Masatoshi
  • Titles: Shimôsa no kami, Hyôbu shôsuke
  • Other names: Kazumori, Hashiba Toshikatsu
  • Distinction: Oda retainer

Toshikatsu was from the Kitabatake clan and of some close relation to Kitabatake Harutomo, though if the latter was a father or brother of Toshikatsu is unclear. Not long after the Kitabatake domain in Ise province was absorbed by the Oda in 1569, Toshikatsu was adopted by Oda retainer Takigawa Kazumasu. He took part in the 1581 invasion of Iga province and accompanied Kazumasu to Kôzuke province in 1582. There the two were defeated by the Hôjô shortly after Oda Nobunaga's death in June of 1582 and retired back to Ise province. The following year they opposed Toyotomi Hideyoshi, were forced to submit, and in 1584 lent their forces to Hideyoshi's side in the Komaki Campaign. While Kazumasu went off into retirement following that campaign, Toshikatsu was confirmed in his fief in Ise by Hideyoshi and was later granted the use of the surname 'Hashiba'. He went on to serve in Hideyoshi's invasion of Kyushu and Odawara Campaign. He supported Ishida Mitsunari during the Sekigahara Campaign (1600) and as a result had his lands taken away by the victorious Tokugawa. The following year (1601), Tokugawa Ieyasu relented somewhat and bestowed upon Toshikatsu a small fief in Hitachi province.