Takeda clan (Aki)

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  • Japanese: 武田(Takeda-shi)

The Takeda of Aki Province were related to the Takeda of Kai and were powerful in that province from the late 12th century until 1541.

They held Kanayama Castle [銀山城] and in the early Sengoku Period were allied first with the Ôuchi and then with the Amako. Their fortunes declined after the 7th lord of the clan, Takeda Motoshige, was killed fighting the Môri at the Battle of Akita-Nakaide in 1516. His heir, Mitsuo [光和], died suddenly in 1535. Mitsuo's adopted son Motosane [信実] quit Kanayama in 1541 when it was threatened by the Môri and Ôuchi in the wake of the Amako's defeat in Aki Province at the Battle of Yoshida-Koriyama [吉田郡山城の戦い]. Motosane fled to Izumo province and Kanayama surrendered.