Takeda Nobuzane

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  • Died: 1575
  • Title: Hyôgo no Suke
  • Other name: Kawakubo Nobuzane [河窪信実]
  • Japanese: 武田 信実 (Takeda Nobuzane)

Nobuzane was a younger half-brother of Takeda Shingen, the identity of his mother being unknown, and was known by the adopted surname Kawakubo.

He was killed in an attack led by Sakai Tadatsugu and Kanamori Nagachika during the Battle of Nagashino. The Koyo Gunkan records that he occasionally acted as a double for his elder brother Shingen.

His son Nobutoshi entered the service of the Tokugawa after the fall of the Takeda in 1582. Nobutoshi had earlier succeeded Nobuzane's elder brother Matsuo Nobukore, who died in 1571 without an heir. To this end, Nobutoshi had been married to Nobukore's daughter. Nobutoshi's son Nobusada would revert to the Takeda surname.


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